Happy Birthday Nansen Murray.

Dear Nansen,

You are a good friend… nay… a great friend.

That is why I’ve decided to christen my blog with your birthday wishes.

No, the other post didn’t count.

You kind of rock.

At least you think you rock when you sing every song like it’s bluegrass anytime anywhere. I will agree with you, for today. Plus, this makes me feel less uncomfortable when we go for skis and I sing guitar riffs.  No not words, riffs.

Thank you Nansen.  You have a knack for not making me feel uncool.

Also thank you for doing snow angels with me that day that I had surely been sniffing paint.  It made me feel better.

If anybody needs a good snow angel partner, Eagles singing partner, hiking partner, skiing partner, or plaid shirt wearing, barrel-chested partner, my buddy Nansen is your man.

Here’s to a mishap free road trip, a wild and Yukony summer, and an other year full of awesome.

I would have baked Nansen cupcakes, but I am, quite evidently, far too busy putting off studying for Taxation I. Also I have no eggs, milk, sugar or butter.

Rain check?

your friend,




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