I’m not sure how, but I have maintained both sanity and satiety over the past two days.

Some of my co-inhabitants may disagree with the former. That time last night when I sang/yelled “There’s a hole in the bottom of the Sea” at full speed and volume alone in the kitchen, was likely audible.

Taxation, completed.

Household effects, relocated.

Cupboards, bare.

Brain? Sufficiently scattered.

As promised, I will show you which foods permitted my survival.

Above: stolen thawed leftover Hilary veggie tortellini soup

Above: Off-the-cuff warm chickpea, sweet tater, carrot, quinoa salad with lime-balsamic dressing. Stolen ingredient: chickpeas a la Ariel‘s cupboard. Oh the generosity.

Below: My final student survival creation before complete pantry relocation commenced. Ingredients? Self-explanatory

1) What is that powdery yellow stuff you ask? It’s nutritional yeast. It tastes like the organic cheezies we used to buy at 3 Beans. I like it. You probably wouldn’t. That’s ok. No pressure.  We can still be friends.

2) Yes, the sun’s warmth had increased by the time I cooked my egg.

Now, my friends, all that stands between me and the open road is one exam … and less than twenty hours.

Be prepared for a little blog breather while I cross Canada with three awesome dorks in my echo hatchback.

Also be prepared for a wicked photo journal of my five day road trip from Ottawa to Whitehorse.

Awe Yeeeah.

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