The Long Road Home: Part III


After this post, I officially have to come up with original content.

No more leeching readership from the memories of our cross Canada roadtrip.

No more feeding off of Logan’s shortfalls.

If I can’t make fun of my friends, what will be left of me?!

Let’s hope I can cook and do interesting things outdoors… I mean… that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

In the meantime, we drive north.

At this point, my food supplies were meagre.

I apologize to my mother, who certainly cringed at the above photo. Recognizing that few of my macronutrients are covered by a bag of apples and a single banana. Fear not mother. All of that easter chocolate you gave me certainly undid the damage.


By this time, the Kitten had also been well branded.

All Hail the Kitten.

She made it aaaall the way up the mountains, once we finally drove within the shadows of their beauty.

Do I over-glorify mountains?

If you said Yes:  1) Accept you are wrong.  2) Calmly exit this place of worship.

Okay, So the “mountain” above is actually a canyon.  I just had to make note of that photo because it was taken right outside of Taylor, BC.  Logan’s favourite place it the world.

Know why?

Village on a Diet is why. According to Logan, we were driving through a town full of celebrities. I had to restrain him from reflexively veering off the road in search of reality show participants.

“OMG There’s the pizza place that now offers healthy options!”

“DOUBLE OMG There’s the Taylor Challenge Gym!”

He saw the show once on an airplane. A passionate lad that’s for sure.

Fortunately, we made it through Taylor without detours.

Onward to cooler things.

Like Toad River Lodge and this wicked awesome photo op.

Way better than the other scenery along the Upper Liard. Psh, rock formations, who cares.


My lies have a lifespan of 3 seconds max. I’m pathologically truthful.

I’m sorry.  You’ll get used to it.




Ok, I’ve chilled out. I just wanted to demonstrate our excitement.

Dinner was also exciting.

The grocery store in Fort Nelson lead us to a super picnic dinner at Liard Hotsprings.

Boys ate meat.

Girl ate hummus and avocado.

Don’t you know me?

Okay, their sandwiches looked pretty fierce. Meaning good. Mine was delicious, but it didn’t bring me the same kind of joy that Nansen was brought by his sandwich.

Nansen joy is the best kind of joy.


The boys clearly were able to unwind in the therapeutic waters of the smelly hotsprings. I think Colin maybe overdid it on the unwinding. Easy buddy.

Startin to look like he was on the verge of spiritual awakening there.

Looky here. My toes. How’d they get in there. Trying to have all the fun.

Delinquent toes.

Only joking, I was in there too, I knew you were worried.

Green things were gettin their sprout on around the edges.

Colin found a dragonfly wing.  Colin was happy.  I bet for that moment, right there, right when he held that dragonfly wing, he forgot that his bum hurt.

Then we shoved ourselves into a tent not built for three normal sized adults plus a man with smaller hands than mine. Ha. You know who you are.

The boys slept like fallen angels, though I’m certain that Colin’s precious self was chilly ;). Love ya Col. I did not sleep. The ground was digging into my hip.. or vice versa. I could not lay flat on my back for fear of disrupting those around me with my shoulders. My broad, broad shoulders.

Regardless, the next day came.

I think there was a point, in my sleepless delirium, where I just knew we were (in the general use of the word) home.

One nap, red crease line on my face, and Logan-drop-off later, I was driving down south access.

This was waiting.

And my family and stuff.

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