What would you do for watered down gatorade?

My brother would do a duathlon.

Sure, potentially not healthy giving a 4.75 year old gatorade.  That’s why the rents had given him the “Only After Races” rule.

He’s 4.75, you’re thinking, “You guys put your child in races? That’s gotta be wrong.”

Honestly, it’s all him

Brittany does the 5k race on tuesday, he’s going to run the 3k. Yes run. That’s how he was exposed to sport drink.

That heathen water cooler full of gatorade.  When I arrived home last week he was devising new strategies to acquire the good stuff.  Mom is currently training for a sprint distance triathlon. Go Mom!

My brother, M, saw this opportunity and ran with it.

“Mom, if I do a triathlon, would I get gatorade?”

“Well, Yes.”

“What if, I did a run… then bike… then run. Run, Bike, Run triathlon.”

“That would be a duathlon, and yes.”


M began his race preparation that morning.  He constructed a one man duathlon.  M against the clock. Around our block.

I caught him right as he motored through the bike-to-run transition.

His splits were slowing down.  Boy has to really work on even splitting.  Come on, where’s the endurance little bro? You’re almost five.

We think he stopped to talk to some neighbours.  His bike split was slower than his first run. Really?

Regardless, his smile wasn’t losing steam. Right as he headed around the first bend Mother yelled, “There’s gatorade at the finish!”

In return we got a “GATORADE. YAY!” accompanied by a heart-filled double fist pump. He picked up his speed. We think he slowed down five houses later.

Finally, looking haggard, he powered through to the finish.

A (thoroughly watered-down.. shhh) gatorade awaited.



“I’m not going to do that again soon.”


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4 responses to “What would you do for watered down gatorade?

  1. pav

    omg love it.
    I want to be his coach.

  2. You definitely win for best little brother in the universe. I may take best grown-up brother.

  3. alx24

    Ahhh!! Mathias!!! Bring him to Ottawa.

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