Happy (belated) Birthday Grandpa Keith!

Last weekend was my grandpa’s birthday.

Somehow, even though my grandma is a jedi kitchen master, I was able to dibs making his cake.

This wasn’t going to be thrown together last minute. No no, this was going to take an absurd amount of time and precision, regardless of what I’d decided to make. Longer than a cake should likely ever take anyone to make.

Annie (of Annie’s Eats) said this cake easily fit into her morning.

Annie is clearly also a jedi kitchen master.

Or maybe it’s just me… baking at the same rate it takes a six month old to decide whether or not now is the time to transition from rocking back and fourth on all fours, to crawling. That’s slow FYI.

I apologize for my use (and future use) of baby rearing analogies.  I’m not a teen mom, really. Just a big sister with an absurdly large age gap.

So…. more or less consumed my day until 6:30 in the evening.

Pyjamas were worn for longer than typically appropriate.

Keith is known to like pecans, he is known to like chocolate, he is known to coconut, and he is known to like all things awesome.  If you find yourself relating to my grandfather in any or all of these areas, please make this cake.

Don’t expect it to take you as long as it took me.  I procrastinated throughout the morning and could often be found laying on my back on our living room rug.  That activity is not normally included in estimated preparation time.

You’re probably more like Annie, or maybe like David, and are able to bake a cake with purpose.  Without spending an hour being indecisive  on tastespotting trying to decide which of the 500 cakes to make.

Just make German Chocolate Cake.  And make sure you have an official taster, they’re a big help.

I was also able to requisition my step-dad. he measured five tablespoons of water for me. Thanks Gerard, that was huge.

Also my mom, she helped. She cut one of the cake layers.  It maybe broke. I hire quality help.

You know what will also help you cut down on time? You probably won’t take seventy-five photographs of EACH micro-step in baking this cake. And only use like 14. total.

I wanted Gerard to take a picture of me folding the beaten egg white into the rest of the chocolate cake base so I could properly demonstrate the technique to you.

I probably folded the batter for twenty minutes.

Don’t do that.

I’m sure some professional would tell me that it defeats the purpose of folding.  Keeping it “light” and barely mixed.

(the making of magic filling)

It’s ok though, It turned out just lovely.  Light, fluffy, sweet, a little boozy.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the rum syrup. It’s good. The chocolate is rich, but not headache-inducing. And that’s saying alot. I’m not a chocolate person.

So sue me.

Don’t worry. You will still see chocolatey goodness on the blog.  Most of my family would consume chocolate intravenously if that option was available.  I just happen enter into a fuzzy, quasi-drugged stupor when I encounter a rich chocolate dessert.  It’s no good.  The crash is hard.

Anyway, I think I was saying this cake did NOT result in above symptoms. The ganache however, another story. Full on Chocoma.

For personal consumption reasons I would use a milk chocolate ganache the next time around.  For die hards? Don’t change a thing.

Oh and yeah, I’m planning on making this filling again, on it’s own. For me.  And potentially a group of close friends. Lucky friends.

For the Recipe, refer directly to David’s post.

Make sure to adequately chill your ganache before piping it.  It’ll spread gooder.

Enjoy with people you love.

Speaking of, I’ve waited so long for this post… it is now my uncle Allan’s birthday. Holy blog fail.

Happy Allan day 🙂 it’s his first b-day as a new poppa. Pretty wicked.

In other news: due to household plumbing repairs, our water has been shut off for the last few hours.  Today was the day that M decided to experiment with wiping his bum sans TP. Yep #2. I’m sorry, it just seemed semi related to this post. inappropriate? maybe.


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4 responses to “Happy (belated) Birthday Grandpa Keith!

  1. Love the K decoration on the cake and the layer by layer shots. Looks like everyone enjoyed it! Great post-thanks for sharing.

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