The Future is Now

Dramatic title? Why not.

I’m a planner.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before. It has been and will be a life long burden.

Living in families with with young children for the past 7 years of has brought me to realize that, without advanced plans, one would not set aside time to bathe.

True story. I no longer ask my mother the date of her last shower.

In lieu of this, and many other circumstances, I have a five year plan… ish.

No it does not involve a recipe.

Or a humourous anecdote about a 4.75 year old.

Only musings of an anal retentive, obsessive complusive, quasi-organized (cannot say completely, you don’t want to look at my cosmetics droor) eager beaver 20 year old.

You can henceforth refer to me as the “eager beaver”, I think it’s apt.

I’m not assuming that you’re actually interested in learning about my potential life plans, I’m just telling you anyway.

Well, maybe you are interested.  Blog readers are kind of nosy. I would know.  “Eager beaver” is only my second most accurate title. “Queen of blog creeping” takes first.

Sorry, tangeant, they happen. More about stuff.

In my 5 year plan, I have built in multiple back-up branches and alternate routes.  So far, these routes are by the variety of different companies that I would love to work for (for at least a stint, you know my generation, we’re occupational nomads). This is what I’m sharing with you.

Likely because I’m bored.

Or because I burnt the batch of cookies I would have otherwise shared. *tear*

Company #1

For this company, I would sacrifice a small puppy or child.

Perhaps that contradicts the general mission of the company… oops. Let’s hope they don’t read this

TOMS shoes.

Dear TOMS,

I love you. You fit my feet even better than my socks do. And I have nice socks. You fit my moral compass to a T. You help kidlets. You especially help their feet.  I like kidlet feet. Thank you TOMS. Can I help you by giving you my labour and/or soul?

Toms Shoes

my well used olive TOMS

You should buy some TOMS shoes. That is, if you care about poor shoeless little children in developing countries. Otherwise definitely don’t.

TOMS shoes is based out of Santa Monica, CA and they have a wicked internship program.

Whitehorse to Santa Monica, a bit of a temperature difference. I may be able to deal. I may also be able to deal with the california farmers markets.

Company #2

Spud (sustainable produce urban delivery) brings nice people nice food to their door.  Local, Organic, Delicious. You know me, those are like my trigger words. Hello positive side of Agribusiness! Don’t get me started on agribusiness. Ew.

I accidentally created a fake company in my entrepreneurship class last year that was identical to Spud.  I found Spud afterward. It’s a sign right?

There is a Spud branch based out of Vancouver. Vancouver is my favourite. Mountains, food, ocean, cultural awesomeness, and soon to be Brittany.

Company #3


A company so cool they have a “colour” department. And an internship program. Score.

favourite jacket

my jacket baby

Prettiest, nicest outdoor sporting equipment. I’m already a groupie, I could easily be an employee.

Arcteryx has some of the only products that I would immediately buy due to a $200 sale price tag.

Hey, Vancouver based again! Couldn’t ask for more

Company #4

This company holds a slightly similar place in my heart, except that they have in store rock walls.


My friend and I have a competition standing currently as to who will acheive CEO of MEC first.

I will. But it starts with their internship program. YES they have an internship program. YES they are also based out of Vancouver. YES they like the environment. YES they will hire Brittany. Because I’m keen.

I’ve stored this post for a little while… why?

because it’s pretty much just a journal entry, not a food blog post.

Why have I posted it now?

Because I start to feel guilty when I don’t talk to you for a while… it results in me frantically spitting my hopes and dreams at you.

I’m sorry.


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5 responses to “The Future is Now

  1. brothern8ture

    I really couldn’t think of 4 better companies to work for… I really think you would be the perfect fit for any one of these, and I don’t even know you 🙂 So I guess that says something?

  2. Mom

    I company you too! Tee hee hee…should I read a portion of this post as a jab about my shower taking frequency? There are nice ways to talk to people about these things you know…(Ahem) “Hi mom, how’s it going? come with me a sec…see that…that’s a shower…now I’ll take care of the household chores and the house plans and the bill paying and the little ‘un whilst you go in there and take a hot CLEAN shower” See that’s all there is to it.
    XOXO Love mom XOXO

  3. Coralie Ullyett

    Favourite blog post yet! I cannot wait to join the TOMS Shoes club. This will be happening very soon!

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