I’ve got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one..

Yeah, it’s Potter season.

How did you celebrate?

Of course you celebrated like any self-respecting 20-something would celebrate.

You lined up for the premiere 5 hours ahead of time.


In the rain.

Knowing that the theater you will be watching it in has the acoustics of a cardboard box and a screen comparable in quality to your 7 year old portable DVD player that you still have for some reason.

With your (awesome) nearly retired running coach…

one of your (most patient) best friends…

that random friend from highschool that you would see infront of you in the line (dressed as Harry himself)…

the views expressed on this shirt do not represent the opinions of the author. One of the greatest men ever to live was a Slytherin.

and your second cousin Michelle, because isn’t that where everybody runs into family accidentally?..

Oh, so that’s just me then.

I can’t help it… it’s the only way I can relate to my audience… by pretending that you do everything that I do. Even though you for sure don’t.

Except for Hilary.  Hilary you for sure do.

In fact, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane…  to the distant past.  Yes, I’m speaking about the first film installment of the Deathly Hallows less than a year ago.

I was Ron.

My really cool roommates (including Hilary) were all totally on the bandwagon.

I even had a Hermione.  I miss you Hermione.  Come back to my country.

I just ate a spoonful of hazelnut butter to ease the grief.

And what did this Gryffindor eat on premier night?

Licorice wands. Derr.

The only way you can still make friends while dressed in a completely legitimate looking Gryffindor sweater and sitting on the side of the street?  Licorice wands.

Nerdy tastes so good.

My least culinary, and least nutritious recipe to date.  Dip twizzlers in melted chocolate, sprinkle with sprinkles.

Some sprinkles were dinosaur shaped.

No it’s not very wizardy.  I live with M.  What other kinds of sprinkles did you think I would find?

I didn’t have time to make pumpkin pasties from scratch like I did last time.  Give me a break,  I had been busy creepily driving by the theatre half-hourly since I got off work.

At four.

Obviously I had to strike a perfect balance between being ahead enough in the line to have prime seats, and also being behind enough to not obviously be that girl who has no friends that are neurotic enough to line up with her 8 hours ahead of time.

When we were finally let in out of the rain (and out from under “my” petite umbrella lined with dump trucks and cement mixers.. so I misplaced my own umbrella and stole M’s.. so what) we were sorted into our houses!!

ie: a letter was written on each of our hands so that we could get back in when we peed.

They made a blasphemous mistake.


They were all, “but you’re wearing yellow.”


The movie was amazing.  The theatre was utter crap.

I’m seeing it next week in 3D… 5 times… with more licorice wands.

Make love, not horcruxes.

Ginny out.

Oh p.s. only in whitehorse does some rando get arrested beside the theatre in front of 150 Yukon Potterheads.

You should know by now buddy, unforgiveable curses keep the RCMP hot on your tail.


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6 responses to “I’ve got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one..

  1. pav

    AHHHHHH! I am so sad that I wasn’t there to nerd out in line with you.
    Side notes for nerding out- [since no one here on the Haig wants to talk about HP as much as I do]-
    -how BAD was the sound in the Yukon theater eh? Holy shit. Also- did you notice how dark the screen was? I could hardly make out half the characters!
    -Did breaking into Gringott’s not feel a little rushed?
    -How effing awesome was Snape vs. MacGonagall?
    -How awesome was Snape’s last line!
    -I saw HP7.II in Imax 3D after Whs. It was a totally new experience. Do it.

    • 1) Sound and overall theatre experience = horrendous. never again. must have new theatre.
      2) Breaking into Gringotts, yes perhaps it did.. more like I had to be on my game paying attention during those scenes.. though I appreciate that they saved the time for other quite important things
      3/4) OMG Snape vs. McGonagall AMAZING. She is one tough witch. hehe. And Snape melted my heart. Real tears were shed. Real.
      5) Cannot wait to see it in real theatre. In one week. Yes.
      🙂 B

  2. Coralie Ullyett

    This whole post had me laughing!


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