Happy Birthday Jessika Rae Malchow

Meet Jessika.

Yes, that was her.

She’s pretty cute.

Yes, her name is spelled with a “k”.

Why is her name spelled with a “k”?

Because she’s not like all of those other Jessica‘s.

Why not?

Because she’s got some of my blood in her, and that makes her weird by association.  Sorry Jess.

OH, I should mention that she’s my cousin. Because if I didn’t, you guys might get totally creeped out by that blood thing.  Or you might get totally creeped out regardless.. so I’ll just keep on truckin.

ANYWAYS, no that’s not really why.  She’s special because she’s both super and cool. supercool. And she laughs at my jokes. That’s a really important one. It makes me love her even more when she laughs at my jokes.

But I loved her before she laughed at my jokes.

How could you not love this face eh?

You see, I loved her back when we were tweens, chasing gecko’s side by side on a family camping trip to the Grand Canyon.  Only to discover that catching a gecko by the tail is not only inefficient, it’s something that will haunt you with bodypart-detatching guilt until you’ve seen with your own eyes that tails grow back.

I even loved her back when we were ten, inventing songs about beans, rice, and mice on a balcony in San Jose del Cabo.  Those melodies made an imprint on my heart.

You know I think I may have even loved her when we were in first grade. Maybe. Because … even though she was cooler than me, and taller than me (c’mon, we all know height meant alot back then), she never made me be Sporty Spice. Ever.  That was our other cousin. (Ha, love you Madi)

And I have a feeling that I might keep on lovin her, not because I have to, but because no matter how long it’s been since we’ve last talked, we can talk like it’s only been a weekend.  And no matter how different and/or hippy grandmother-like I become, she still treats me like I’m a completely normal, and even slightly cool, human being.  And I have a feeling that no matter how weird and crazy I become, she’ll always have my back.  Because she’s pretty darn supportive like that.

If you've got a splinter, she'll take care of that too.

And I know that, if I ever really need a dance battle to ease my woes, you’ll have me covered there too Jess.

Now, I would say to all of my readers that I hope that you are all lucky enough to have a cousin like Jess, because family clings like static-tastic underpants, and if you’re stuck with something for that long, then I hope it’s just like Jess…..

But I won’t say that… because there’s only one Jessika Rae Malchow and I know she’s not your cousin. My apologies.

Oops, except if you happen to be one of our other cousins, then lucky.  (And I love you too, no matter what they say about you.)

So Jess, Happy birthday, we’re gettin’ old.

And now I’m taller.

But I’m still not going to make you be Sporty Spice.

That’s love folks,



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Jessika Rae Malchow

  1. Mom

    Happy Birthday to Jess!! She does sound like a good soul – especially because she helped out M!!!

  2. Coralie Ullyett

    Happy Birthday Jess! 🙂
    Loved this post Britt!

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