Goodbye summer, we were so good together.

I told you I would have a hard time staying on top of my blogging game during the summer.

You may not have realized that I meant, “Hey guess what, we’re not talking for like… a month.”

Yeah… neither did I… my condolences. I knew it might happen, but I’d hoped I would make a few appearances.

Nope. There was much self-scolding. Personal hand-slapping. AND Feeling sorry for-one’s-elf-ing.

I finally accepted that my blog-lationship would have to rekindle in the fall.  For real.  Like, I’m back.  I have time for you now.  I promise I won’t do this to you again. (Well maybe at Christmas, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…)

Soon I’ll have classes to use you as procrastination for, homesickness to use you as a cure for, and muffin-baking to use you as an excuse for.

In spite of my absence on the interwebs, my summer wrap-up was still totally blog worthy.  I still kept my camera handy.  I still made great memories.  AND I still made great food.

Let’s share:


I kept those friends that you saw me with earlier in the summer. Yeah that’s right.  They weren’t rentals.


I sucked up to my awesome new neighbours like freaking mad.  They have man-power that I might need one day (likely to haul un-godly quantities of oats into my pantry at some point), and I had Cherry-Chia Bars.  These were freaking fantastic. So many possible superlatives for these freaking bars.  Obviously I didn’t tell my neighbours that they were vegan until after they ate them. HA.  Best deceptive plot ever.  I hope to share this recipe with you sometime over the fall because you deserve it.


I went on a VACATION… err.. I mean another running competition.  It was all business.  Just racing.  You can tell.  It was in Kamloops.  It was 33°C.  Ohbaby


Yep.  I had two races.  They rocked.  I had to have two water bottles dumped over my head and a personal water-sptritzy-gun-man at the finish.  I would have otherwise disintegrated.  Or vomited.  But the latter was not an option.  Food is sacred.

So yea, I had two races… but I was there for a week. Most of my time was spent:


Perusing farmers markets.


Purchasing multiple flavours of artisanal honey.  I miss you, pink lemonade honey straw.


Savouring Okanagan peaches.  In my room.  Sharing with no one.


Being team-spirited.

Oh yes, very spirited.

Then needing an ice bath because all that spirit can seriously wear out the quads.

Witnessing touching mushy coupley moments… creepily.  And maybe shedding a tear… creepily.

Oooh and taking photos of not-my-children… creepily.

Shoveling this sundried tomato eggs benedict (yes it’s as life-changing as it sounds) from hello toast into my face.

I even partook in some alternative exercise to burn off the hollandaise.

Then I came home again.  The final stretch.  Disheartening.  I ate my feelings.

With these.

And then with this.

And then I needed to share my feelings… while still eating them.. so I made these.  And then ate waaaay to many cherries.  And had to take a break.  Note to self:  know that every time you say “This time it’s going to be different, this time I’ll be able to eat the whole bag without any negative repercussions.”  It’s not going to be different.  Don’t do it smart-ass.

Then I went on a hike with someone that I like to make me feel better.


And even more hikes with people that I like!  Yes!  You are correct!  M was home!! (he and my entire family had abandoned me for a Nova Scotia vacation for a month, no bitterness though.. obviously..)

We did Whitehorse-y wilderness-y things while we still could.

Those are cranberries.


Yes, I tell you I love him because he’s my brother and is amazing and intelligent and loving.  BUT… You know he’s just blog bait.  Look at that kid.

no, not really that photo..

but that family 🙂 Dang we’re good lookin’.

And well fed.

My family sent me off with a local dinner. 40 Metre diet style.  Yes, you heard me.  Even that chicken was axed in my uncle’s back yard. AWESOME.  RIP Terry.

Well done acquiring a footrest during dinner M. No, of course Jazz doesn’t mind.

(btw Uncle Steve, Best Dinner Ever.)

Whitehorse, I love you, try not to cry while I’m gone.  It’ll be Christmas before you know it.

Oh P.S. I had to do some of my own send-offs before I left. *tear*

At least they involved cupcakes. To be continued…



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5 responses to “Goodbye summer, we were so good together.

  1. Coralie Ullyett

    So happy you are back in the blog game 🙂 I’ve missed your posts so much. Look forward to a blog filled Fall!

  2. Mom

    Love the post Brit – why why why must you post the photos where I am all looking like a granny n’all? Thank God I have a teensy bit of esteem that is not derived from what my photos look like. 🙂

    Talk to you soon!

    Love momxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  3. Beautiful pictures. So glad you are posting again.

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