Wednesday Wisdom

1. I think it has gotten to the point where I can feel it when the stress hormones are released and decide to run free all up on me.  It’s like a cold sweat. Or like my chest cavity is trying to squeeze my heart out like heart-toothpaste.

2.  Maybe those days when I wake up at 7 am just to start homework, and then wind up not starting it until 4 pm… maybe those are not good days.

3.  Maybe finding out that there’s a new crappy CW series out this fall that I can stream online is really, really bad. Should be outlawed.  The CW needs to be taken out back behind the barn with a shotgun.

4. No matter how much you sit in your bed, under your covers, at 1:30 am and will yourself to travel back in time one day so that you can use it more diligently, it does not work. Stupid supernatural-type tv series’, giving me false hope.

5. “Where’s Waldo” can be slutty.  5 million different girls proved this last weekend. I saw nearly as many “Where are your pants Waldo”s as I did black swans. That means very many.

6.  It’s really hard to dance like a female when you’re wearing the most un-sexy costume at a costume party.  Also because that costume is Snape.

snape costume

7.  Sometimes even though you know the picture is of you… you still don’t believe it.


8.  Best friends are awesome. AWESOME. even if you only get to see them for one day.  Also, spoil them. Bake them things and buy them coconut butter and organic cheezies.  Maybe then they’ll come back.

9.  Getting really stoked when your ex-history teacher calls you because he’s in town for a course at parliament and has your external hard drive and you totally miss your ex-history teacher makes you a total nerd. That is fine.

10.  Halloween is over. You are now allowed to squeal and awkwardly shake your fists back and forth with anticipation when you see pins like these.

christmas child

11. I’ll give you food again. Promise. Homemade choco-coconut Luna Bars sound good? If not, oops.


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3 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Mom

    Lovely Brit – was waiting for the wisdom!

  2. Coralie Ullyett

    Britt, is that you as Snape?
    Love the post!

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