(belated) Wednesday Wisdom (yeah on thursday)

1) When the corporate strategic issues facing Ryanair are all that comes to mind when I close my eyes on wednesday night, chances are, Wednesday Wisdom is going to be late.  I have to deal with my shortcomings.

2) When in doubt, eat a giant carrot straight from the bag.  Apparently this is what I do when I’m bored, hungry, feeling nutrient deficient, feeling bad about myself, feeling good about myself. There’s no end to that list. I. eat. so. many. carrots. Not the worst habit, but sometimes carrot-top stumps show up in curious places.

3) Grey nail polish is fabulous. It goes with everything. Especially when your wardrobe consists of 70% grey. Also especially when you do nothing but study in your room, and can easily justify pairing a grey v-neck with grey yoga pants and a grey hoodie.  I like grey.

source: papillon blog

4) All i have to do is read the words “salt and vinegar” for mouth water. Crap. I just drooled.  Is this normal? Literally pass a recipe on foodgawker that SAYS “Salt and Vinagar…” and i have to swallow 8 times to contain my salivary glands.

5) Most entertaining google search leading to my blog this week = “Galette it be”. Mystery reader, you combined pastry and the Beatles, and found me. How this happened I do not know, but I don’t question awesomeness.

6) It’s been years since I had my major flight of the conchords phase… so I don’t know why, but lately I sing/announce everything I’m about to do in my head to the tune of “It’s business time“. Yeah. It’s environmental science, It’s environmental-science Tiiiiime. OR. It’s yoghurt, it’s yoghurt tiiiime. Oh and tonight is definitely going to bring a resurgence of…. It’s Vampire Diaries, It’s Vampire Diaries tiiiime.  Sometimes I sing these not just in my head. Ugh. I’m sorry roomies.

7) When you live away from home, there’s no one to tell you not to pour water all over your hot flat-top stove. Watching droplets freak out is THE BEST.

8) Don’t burp while leaning over. It’s unsettling.



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3 responses to “(belated) Wednesday Wisdom (yeah on thursday)

  1. Freya

    Brit, you got it goin’ on.

  2. Mom

    Such a shame that a burp’s very essence of existence (settling the tummy – not creating bad smells) is so easily squashed with any anti-gravity movement.

    Just saw (please don’t hold this against me) for the first time in my life via your link the flight of the conchords and internally laughed my head off, externally chuckled – of course you would have that song in your head!

    You’re the greatest! xoxoxomomxoxoxoxox

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