Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

I go for long runs on weekends.

I am majorly thankful for these long runs.

I really love food, so I am majorly, majorly thankful for these long runs.

You know who I mostly thank for these long runs?


Nansen drives me out to the park for these long runs. Nansen is NOT a chauffeur. Nansen is just a nice dude. Don’t call him a chauffeur.  He’s not a chauffeur.

You see, you can’t pay a chauffeur in cookies, but you can sometimes pay a Nansen with cookies. If they’re good cookies.

These fit the bill.

They were particularly good as fuel when running to this fire tower.

This is Nansen at the fire tower, no doubt talking about how he wishes he had flannel lined jeans … and about how flannel has become “very advanced” these days. Hell, it’s chilly. I’d wear flannel lined jeans…

Ok, depending on the tight-fittedness of said jeans. I mean come on, tight, flannel-lined girl jeans? Sounds like constrained sweatiness.

Boop. Cookies.

Oh Right, the run.

It was many hours. Like 3 or something. Long.

But super pretty.

And very Nansen-picture-filled. But that’s not a new thing.

Also you have to be really strong to partake in this run. That’s important. (look there’s me!)

These cookies were both the fuel to make me strong and manly and the currency to get my arse into the little silver Ford that drove us out to the hills.

YUM. Make these cookies. They look advanced, like they have secrets.


“Ah,” I said, “You roll the peanut butter filling into a ball and wrap it in chocolate dough.”

Enough said. I used this recipe. Use it too.


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4 responses to “Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

  1. Danielle

    There’s no recipe for these delicious looking cookies

  2. Mom

    Hi Brit…good one! Kind of like the ones we make at home!

    xoxoox momxoxoxox

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