Wednesday Wisdom

Apologies for my disgusting photo-less ness. ew.

1. It is never too early to start Christmas Baking while listening to Bing Crosby, Tchaicovsky, Michael Buble, and… TransSiberian Orchestra. Christmas baking includes baking ginger cookies for yourself. If you’re listening to Christmas music, it’s Christmas baking. Let that be a lesson.

2. IT SNOWED. I walked to school with a super stupid grin on my face today. Yeah I’ma smile at you. No I don’t have a reason. It’s snowing.

3. If you don’t put away your UGGs, I’m going to deliberately splash in the slushy salty snow beside you while wearing my wellies just to prove that your footwear is inappropriate. Your toes will feel soggy and gross. Put them away. Let that be another lesson.

4. Raw fish can taste good. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live with raw fish by my side. Oh I’ve spend so many nights, thinking raw fish was so wrong… then I grew strong, yes I learned how to get alooooong!! I didn’t go to outerspace, I had some well seasoned raw tuna last night at the dishcrawl. Woah.

5. Tax class is balls. Major. Nobody likes it. All I have to do is tell people that I have a class called Taxation II and I get apologies.  Now get this, it’s totally even worse than it sounds. Blew your mind? sorry.

6. If you are chewing right now, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. If you open your mouth at any point during the mastication of your foodstuff it will be considered a misdemeanor and you will face consequences. like a pat on the back. of the head. with a cast iron pan.

7. The leftover nut butter that you scrape from the sides of the jar has zero calories. Obviously. I mean you technically already ate it. Get out your spatulas.

8. I do not/cannot get less than 8 hours of sleep.  If I’m going to wake up at six to write a paper before a morning class I will put myself to bed before ten. My body will otherwise refuse to accept paper-writing.


10. Daydreaming about being Martha Stewart is sane and normal. Every twenty year old does this. Every one who… lives… in… Brittany’s room. There’s only one bed in her room. It’s a double. But only one person sleeps in it. ever. It’s just me. Damn.

11. Tell me what you want for Christmas. Besides me. And my hugs. Goes. Without. Saying.

12. IT SNOWED. Deserved two points.


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11 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Andrea

    #9, agreed! I definately favorited that on FG when I saw it. #3, also agreed!

  2. Found you through Urban Yukon a couple of weeks ago and have been lurking ever since. Oops, didn’t mean to be creepy.

    I’ve been trying hard not to add any more blogs to my feed reader because dammit, I’m a busy woman. But you got me, with your ridiculously fun writing style, scrumptious food photos (most of which I can only ogle, because there are too many food-constraints at my house), and the fact that you live in Ottawa, a city I love. (I got my B. Comm. at Carleton. But did not take Taxation II. Whew.)

    • So happy to find you! Also so happy that you didn’t take Taxation II. No good things arise from Taxation II. Feel free to let me know of the food-constraints, I love a good excuse for a challenge! 🙂

  3. Mom

    Happy for you about the snow!!! Enjoy! Only 22 days until you come home! More snow here!

  4. Haha..I gotta remember #4 the next time a friend wants me to try raw fish!

  5. Jeanette-o-saur

    Raw fish is best sort of fish there is. Particularly if that fish is a tuna. Or even a salmon. True stories. It does take high levels of bravery to take the first plunge though. Kudos to your survival 😉

  6. Freya

    I feel as though your chewing comment was aimed at me… now I’m starting to worry that the video that you took “accidently” with your camera weeks ago, was REALLY a subtle way to make me realize my noisy-chewing potential. I appreciate the lack of cast iron pan in my face though, your restraint is truly an admirable quality.

    • Hahahaha, the video was in fact the trigger to my neuroses. After said video I have not been able to stop noticing every single sound that everybody makes with their mouths upon chewing. I am now stuck with this curse. I have to wear earplugs. or carry pans. We have none of the cast iron quality in our home fortunately for both of it’s other occupants in fact. I have googled, “people who get irritable around audible chewing” it’s a disorder. there are support groups. I can join.

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