Wednesday Wisdom

1. Filling vs. Crust? Filling. Always. Sure, to each their own. Whatever. But come on. Especially cookie crumb crusts. As a rule I discard them, I’m sorry hippy gods, don’t hold this wasteful-ness against me. And Hilary, don’t hold this against me either, the tart rocked.

2. Sometimes Canada is embarrassing. Yeah, I said it. I LOVE Canada, majorly love. Best country.  Inhabitant for life yo. But seriously, that includes its clean water  and other natural super things. Kyoto’s for the cool kids.

3. You should definitely “like” something on facebook if you chuckle to yourself while saying “I like this.” To complete the process you press the button while saying “LIKE” aloud. Always. This is how things happen here. I’m no “like” hussy, throwin’ “like”s around like pocket change.

4. I do not know how I’m going to be able to handle beverages in Europe. Ok not me, my bod. I.. just. Ugh. Café? All I need is a thoroughly steeped black tea and my digestion shifts up a gear. Vin? Half a glass and I’m your bestie sharin’ secrets. Oh and you had better hope I’ve already eaten. I’m not built for the wild side. May the force be with me.

5. “Boy Splits”. What are these? Someone googled this and found my blog. I’m thinking either flexible men… or… men surrounded by ice cream, strawberries and pineapple, and topped with whipped cream.  I will refrain from commenting on either. My blog? Really?

6. When it is time to study Taxation (does it seem like it’s always time to study Taxation? I think yes.), it is actually time to bake oatmeal cookies.

7. When it is time to get your junk the H-E-double-hockey-stick together and pack, it is actually time to make CSS adjustments to your blog layout.  And then screw something up that prevents people from clicking on the “About” or “Recipe” tabs. I’m sorry. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

8. Before you go to bed, start getting excited about the future (or um, CHRISTMAS). All of your dreams will be magical real-ish future possibilities.  Beware of the whole “they aren’t real yet” thing for when you wake up.  You need breakfast eventually.

9. Make sure, when you find a good friend (a real keeper), that a goodbye is never a goodbye. Make sure it’s a “see you later”. Some real Britt-Wisdom.

10. If you want to try the beans to end all other beans, go to the Ottawa Sunday Farmers Market and tackle a plate from bearbrook farms. Thank me later.



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6 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Mom

    boy splits: a) n, the resulting measurement of time it takes a boy to run each consecutive mile of a multiple mile race b) n, the characterization of how a boy departs the premises when the food is gone c) a virtually unattainable extension of both legs by the male gender in opposite directions yielding complete 180 degrees d) the template headings for the majority of the male sports news sections for example: boy splits head after slipping off railings outside of government building heading into extreme descent full of sharp rocks, boy splits fishing rod in two, boy splits pants, boy splits lip, boy splits table in two after reaching for zero year old across said table, boy splits new chandelier from ceiling by swinging on it, and last but not least e) boy (hopefully at least) splits dinner bill with his date.

  2. Okay, you say Sunday Farmer’s Market, but when I see beans and eggs all cozy up in a plate like that, my brain automatically says Elgin Street Diner. Happy times.

    I have never tried saying, “Like!” aloud while clicking the “Like” button. Now the idea makes me giddy. And now I am tempted to send you links just to see if they’re worth more than pocket change.

    Happy travellin’!

  3. Nat

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I like how that’s the picture you chose of me hahaha. OH MAN I’M GUNNA MISS YOU.

    Remember that time we saw a zombie in the Adirondacks?

  4. Andrea

    When it comes time to study taxation let alone ANY subject, it’s definately time to make cookies. No better time than that I’d say.

    BTW, used your recipe for the coconut luna bars today and yep, pretty much awesome. Mine aren’t as appetizing in the visual department as yours are, because I used hemp protein powder. They aren’t tinted green or anything… 🙂

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