Wednesday Wisdom

1. Over-sized bubble wrap was made only for jump-dancing on top of. ONLY. Don’t stop if people ask why you are playing DDR on top of packing materials, Don’t Stop.

2. Someone found my blog by googling “drink wine”, it’s funny…. because I’m pathetic at it.

3. Maybe my neighbours can see me dancing around my room in my towel, maybe they can’t. As long as neither of us speaks of it, I’m no worse off.

4. Accept it as a challenge when your roommate uses (five alarm) Indian “Chilly” powder instead of conventional Chili powder in her vegetable chili.  If you don’t eat the whole bowl and sweat buckets while your insides dance the salsa, you are weak and you are not a foodie.

5. I think the grass got greener in the past two weeks. Christmas what?

6. I have a bruise at the base of my skull. It’s from studying. Don’t ask.

7. If your Ethics teacher starts telling you about how his life has changed since he started Aderol, and how he thinks it should really be distributed unregulated among students, and then asks you “why the heck he hasn’t been tenured yet”… if you still haven’t written your exam, don’t answer him.

8. Roommates know best.  Christmas gifts that involve thought, time and creativity instead of bajillions of dollars are worth more than my words.

9. GOODBYE IS NOT GOODBYE. Tomorrow I leave Ottawa. Back to Northern homeland. Thank god you are amazing, homeland, because stealing me from my friends is quite the task.

10. Taking notes on an iPad leads to autocorrected notes. Rastafarian has nothing to do with Environmental Science.. If you will excuse me.. I need to go translate now.



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5 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. ebony

    Your blog is incredible!… I really enjoy reading it.
    Have a wonderful holiday up in Whitehorse!

  2. Coralie

    the upside, I can to see you soon!

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