Wednesday Wisdom – Post-Holiday Edition

I’d say sorry about the whole me not being here for the last few weeks, but I’m so not.  What would have been blog reading time, was instead awesome holiday family time for you, Hurray!

What would have been blog writing time was definitely awesome holiday family time for me too. Hurray!

So, little summary.  Britt went home for Christmas, she freaking deserved it.  Whitehorse is always a beaut.  Her time there was too short, but it was full of everything good.  Christmas was like a storybook Christmas.. just with more chia seeds and wildly sized batches of granola. Huge.  People who tried to spend time with me while the granola-making was happening.. probably resent the wildly sized batches of granola.

Anywho, I gained a bunch of wisdom over the holdays.. and what am I if not a sharer?

Oh, and Part 2, The beginning of my journey, will be soon to follow. Also brownies.

Ottawa sunset

1. No matter how exciting the road ahead, it’s always hard to leave behind somewhere filled with friends and memories.  Especially hard when your exam ends at 4:00pm and your plane leaves the tarmac at 5:30pm. Hard.

2. When in doubt, cry big-girl tears at the baggage counter.  So what your bag is 80lbs? Those were REAL tears.

3. Snow, and brothers who eat my baked goods, fill my heart with joy. Santa can peace out, who needs him.

4. Different people get excited about new furniture for different reasons.

5. Beds are overrated, Puppy-print blankets and a fireplace are all that is necessary. Trees, however, are not overrated. Take two. No M. You cannot reserve one strictly for your gifts, Christmas is a group activity.

6. Relish the years of phonetic spelling.  Apparently M says “shirt” a little differently than we do.

7.  Something about growing up in a cold climate keeps friends close.  I think it’s a body heat thing. Maybe. Regardless, it’s love.

8. You cannot outgrow tradition. Don’t try. Lap sitting is sometimes for the greater good.  Especially when it prevents M from having a major melt-down over seating arrangements. Watch the mood progression as the seating arrangement changes.

9. I will never, not ever, purchase pyjamas. Christmas Eve is my annual pyjama resource. Does your family not do this? They should do this, it sometimes involves warm fuzzy yeti feet.

10.  Apparently it’s ok to say “you’re welcome” before you’ve been thanked? (Santa letter transcribed by me, dictated by M) Yeah, that’s right Santa, you’re welcome for those cookies. tubby.

11. Even without access to television commercials or magazines, children somehow learn how to act non-chalant when modelling cool duds.

12. Everyone should take a moment and revel in holiday happiness, undisturbed.

13. If I made a pair of pants with the new $100 bills I’d be totally waterproof. Also a little naked.  Hello see-through money.

14.  Food is still awesome, even when blogs don’t happen.

15.  Start a movement, organize something, share your passion with people you care about. Do it now, before your opportunity kicks the bucket.  You’ll feel super, especially if you do it with the most super people.

16.  Go tobogganing.  Maybe it’s cold.  Maybe it’s dark. Maybe there is a VISA application stalking you, trying to steal your happiness and you can’t possibly think about tobogganing.  Tobogganing is imperative, it will make you smile.

17.  Everyone’s family is weird. Embrace the weird.  Before you know it you’ll be off galavanting and you’ll damn well miss the weird.

Yes, he’s not wearing clothes.. that’s what firewood is for right?


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12 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom – Post-Holiday Edition

  1. Jessika Malchow

    Brit, he has your knobby knees 🙂
    Love you

  2. Mom

    A pair of barbie doll pants perhaps…or pants and top? (answer to the question: what kind of pants would the $100 make?)

    Lovely summarization!

  3. Freya

    Brit, may I just say that your photogs are braids, and your post made me feel warm and fuzzy and Christmasy all over again.
    Also, I enjoy that my iPod turned ‘beauts’ into ‘braids’. For you, I left it unedited.

  4. Sandra Paun

    Cutest. Picture. Ever.
    It was great to see over the holidays, even if it was only at Superstore!!
    Enjoy your semester!!

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