Wednesday Wisdom – The First Leg

So, we left off in Whitehorse. Woah.

Eons ago.

So I left Whitehorse.  Many mental tears were shed. I’m one of those man-girls, you know, keepin’ it composed to preserve my delicate ego, but bawling my eyes out in Where the Wild Things are.  Or in movie previews. Oh wait. That was our friend Kathy  while we waited for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (awesome, disturbing). Sorry Kathy. I hope you read my blog. Don’t worry, there are only like.. two people who both read this blog and know who your are. You’re a trooper.

Right, left Whitehorse.  Next two destinations: California for some fam n’ gram time, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado (the other homestead, and my current location).

California involved Bronzed-senior-ville (AKA Palm Springs), Newport Beach, and Eight-year-old-slash-Brittany-topia (Disneyland What?!).

Stuff was learned:

1) Golf is a mixed bag.  You have to look like a tool, but you eventually like it.  Ball caps.. grow on you.  You may wind up sinking your ball in the water more often than not, but the one or two not‘s ….. pretty much make you Tiger.  Getting to see your brothers aged 6 and 7 kick golf’s arse… and still have melt downs… totally worth it. Admittedly love feeling like the mature sibling. It’s not the 13 year age difference Dad, it’s my impressive strength of character.

2) PSA to the Entire Palm Springs Population: Even though the plastic is under your skin… you aren’t hiding it from anyone. Angelina Jolie (I checked during the golden globes) still has her lips, so thievery has been ruled out.

3) Apparently windmills decapitate birds sometimes.  Once your head has been shat upon, you’ll be as keen on renewable energy as I am.

4) Southern California weather boggles the mind. Sunny and 25°ish (in Real degrees) every-freaking-day.

5) They sell hummus and veggies at Disneyland.  And roasted portobello sandwiches.  Way to be with it Mickey.

6) Star Wars defies all boundaries.  Age, gender, stereotypes, screw it, we are ALL suckers for Yoda.  Star Wars took over the land of Disney.  The only merchandise that I left Disney with? Star Wars junk. OH and after the Star Tours ride, brothers will easily forget that they almost opted for the build-a-bear work shop and Darth Vader themed-bears over the amazing land of joy, happiness, and magic.  Ugh. Boys. At the end of it all it was… “Stinkin. Awesome”. Their words.

7) Leaving the amazing land of joy, happiness, and magic is doable if it means snow, more brother time, healthful plant-y food, and THE BEST puppy. BEST. PUPPY.

8) The brother henceforth known as K is an enigma wrapped in.. well… a six year old.  Kid loses his mind for olives, 100% raw cacao nibs, and coconut water.  Do. You. KNOW how long it me took to try “sophisticating” my palate?! I still gag on olives. Oh I eat them. They will not defeat me.  But I will gag.  He will decimate an olive jar, but asparagus gets this attitude.

9) Put a 6 year old in a hockey tournament, don’t be surprised if you get this.

10) A kid can be traumatized and terrified by Mac n’ Cheese that isn’t Annie’s OR having to carry a heavier backpack than his brother, but will be totally cool with bombing down a steep pitch fit for an NCAA women’s alpine race.

11) Get one brother to jump in the icy water beside the hot springs, the other will follow. Even if the first one writhes and screams. Rivalry is power.

12) Somehow, I’m drinking more in the company of parents here than I ever did in university. So selfless of them to condition me for Europe.

12) Come to Steamboat Springs, the snow is finally here. I’ll make you food.  My family will pour you a glass of wine.


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3 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom – The First Leg

  1. I love this post Bee! The pics are great. Wish we were there. I really need to try golf sometime. Will be thinking of you as you begin the next leg of your journey xo I’m going to pass on your blog info to one of my students who apparently loves to cook and is currently going through an entire cupcake cookbook. Thought she might enjoy your food stuff. She’s 14 🙂

  2. Coralie

    I am there- snow, food (delicious Britt food!) and wine. Sounds like everything I have ever wanted. As always I love your blog and your pictures are fabulous.

  3. Smum

    I need you to stay and be our photgrapher! Your pictures are sooooo much better than mine…..I need a new camera, or perhaps it is the operator that is the problem…. 🙂

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