I love Sundays.

You know, those Sundays.

You know them.

Those Sundays where you wake up to the sun rising over the Panthéon, then mosey over to your oven-less kitchen and whip up some yeast-raised pancakes, because corner stores don’t carry quick leaveners.

Then you head out for a run through the snow-covered Jardins du Luxembourg and smile at your fellow Parisians while they welcome the new weather with shock and awe.

And of course you follow your run with a stroll through the Sunday marché along the boulevard Raspail.  You know, the weekly organic market where you spend hours perusing the different varieties of chévre and agrumes while politely shuffling around the weekly patrons who are on the hunt for their favourite yoghurt vendor, fresh turmeric bulbs, or saucisse.

Then, as per usual, you walk back around the boulevard saint-germain, while maintaining the feeling in your hands, and stopping at a little stand for bonbons on your way home.

You know how those sundays go.  Typically, after warming up at home for a short spell, you take the metro over to le marais for some lunch and some late sunday shopping.  Lunch is at the famed L’As du Falafel of course. It wouldn’t be one of those sundays without a steaming falafel at a little park, surrounded by inquisitive birds.

Typically you’ll finish off you stint at le marais, with some window shopping through gorgeous chocolateries and vintage stores, metro-ing home to catch the evening crowd trying to decide on their favourite local bistrot.

Obviously those sundays finish with a market creation inspired by the earlier finds, and a movie.

You know, those sundays.

Don’t you?

Oh… right… I live in Paris now. Hi.

My last week has been new, exciting, frustrating, amazing.

Bonding with another ex-pat Yukoner over the infallible magic that is Paris. And how only here would you find yourself desperately asking, “is it blood or wine?!” Seriously, there were smeary hand prints.

Catching my first glimpses of the tour eiffel, moulin rouge, and…. sexodrome.

Catching my second glimpse of the tour with the first of many aussies to come, from the top of l’arc de triomphe.

Demolishing my first taste of french bistro fare, chocolate three way and all.

Going into the Paris version of Abercrombie & Fitch. Which was horrifying. I can still taste the parfum.

Getting asked out by someone who speaks neither english nor french in the parc des buttes chaumont, then attempting to tactfully reject their Russian offer of café, then realizing they didn’t understand your rejection as they try to follow you to your metro stop.

Getting used to the views from my new residence.

And the restaurants near my new residence.

And the new friends in my new residence.

Excuse me while I eat another truffle and head out for some bread.


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7 responses to “I love Sundays.

  1. Smum

    Wish I had those Sundays! No such luck,….not yet anyway! Can’t wait to see you this summer.

  2. Andrea

    Wow, it seems like you are having a perfect time there! Do you have your own kitchen, or do you have to share? I’m contemplating a different living situation which would mean I wouldn’t have my own kitchen… I don’t know how I would survive!

  3. Mom

    Will remedy the lack of oven issue promptly!

    Beautiful life you have Brit – can’t wait to join you!!


  4. Hi B.! Good to see you learn to know Paris… L’as du falafel is the better falafel I’ve ever tasted but there always so much people waiting when I come to Paris… Hope you like Paris and the restaurants! There is a great place (for us, frenchies, because it’s an american who have the place): bob juice bar and bobo kitchen, I put you the link of the facebook there is the adress:

    And they have stuffs like smoothies and juice (fresh!), and veggie stew (I know you are vegan..No?), blueberry pancakes. And it’s fresh, good products, simple and delicious, so…!

    If you come to Lille one day (with new friends!), it’s the big city of the north, it’s at 1h30, 2h of Paris, tell me because I live here and it’s so cute! Smaller than Paris but people are so nice and welcoming, the “grande place” is so beautiful, the sunday morning there is a market of “food of the world”,and I could show you some restaurants!

    Anyway, I wish you the best in Paris and, again, sorry for my english!


    • Merci Camille!

      Your english is still great 🙂 almost as great as L’as du falafel! I eat mostly vegan at home, but I do eat meat and dairy when I find good quality products (or when I eat out in Paris!) so YES I want to go to Bob’s restaurants! I walked by Bob’s Kitchen today to have lunch, but It was pretty busy.. so I had another falafel. Next time!

      I certainly might come to Lille sometime before I leave and I will definitely let you know if and when I do! Please let me know next time you are in Paris as well and we can meet up over a meal! I’ll post about my adventures in Paris again soon, keep in touch.


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