My weekend in photos

It has been a beautiful weekend ladies and gents. Let’s reflect shall we:

Buds becoming leaves. Amazing.

The most adorable Oeufs en Cocotte eaten by my friend Nicole.

People paying to have their feet tickled by fish.

One of Paris’ many secret passages.

Some of the beautiful scarves found down these passages. This one is bookmarked for a later return.

Delicate decorations hung outside little shops.

Groups of Parisians and lucky visitors gathering to make music and dance, just like any other Sunday morning on rue Mouffetard. Ladies and gentlemen: My Backyard.

More of them. More dancing French.

My desk. Specifically: tired roses, wine bottles, and the tip top of an eiffel tower shaped cheese grater.

My windows today, and my afternoon’s activity of sunbathing whilst in my room.

Finally, one of the best moments of my life to date.  The moment when the kindest lady from my favourite (organic) boulangerie gave me a drool-worthy pistachio “escargot” completely gratuit along with a smile and some helpful tips en Français to accompany my pain au levain, the only thing that I actually purchased. Best 2 Euro ever spent.

Happy Monday Indeed.



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8 responses to “My weekend in photos

  1. Coralie

    People actually pay for their feet to be tickled by fish? Am I missing the sarcasm here?

  2. I’ve heard of the fish thing before in tropical places. I think they’re supposed to eat the dead skin off your feet and legs, so it’s more of an exfoliation treatment than just tickling. 🙂

    What makes me speechless is the dancing in the street. Imagine that! In Whitehorse, you almost can’t get people to dance in the bars, for Pete’s sake! Oh, how lovely, for a group of strangers to dance together outside!!

  3. ileana

    Lovely pics! What a nice weekend.

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