Long Distance Mother’s Day.

So I went traveling a whole bunch. Then I got back. Then I went traveling again. Then I got back. Then finals-ish-type-things started happening. The blog hasn’t happened. It’s sort of this strange phenomena where the more I have to potentially blog about… the less ability I have to actually spend time on the B-log.

So I figured today was the best day possible to break the hiatus. It’s Mother’s Day.

Who did I do my whole bunch of amazing traveling with? My mother. And for that I thank my lucky stars.

Thank you Mom, for every moment.

If any year has been worthy of an epic day of mother appreciation, it’s this year.

Today, you’re at home, and I’m nine time zones away, so in lieu of making you breakfast in bed and creating new memories… I’m going to have to reflect on our past adventures… and pretend we’re still living them.

My Mom came to Paris. It was up to me to introduce her to my version. Finally a chance to give back after all those year of drive-the-daughter to ski practice.

We traipsed through the Louvre together.

We made freaking adorable photo sequences together.

We went to my French class together.

We acted like locals together, pondering sculptures in the Jardins.

We acted like tourists together, climbing the monuments and shopping for chocolate (both we did faster than the other tourists).

We learned how to make new things together. Things involving half a kilo of butter.

We spent some time in calmer places together.

But really.


Most Importantly.

We ate together.

From the savoury…

To the sweet.

I had been dreaming up our list of hot spots for three months. You best believe it rocked.  Mother-daughter bonding is best served along side a Pierre Hermé macaron. Or seven.

I was more than ecstatic about being the guide, and showing my Mom what it’s like not to just tour, but to live in Paris… BUT I think the second half of our trip really hit it out of the park.

Exploring somewhere brand new together. Unbeatable. Frustrating when your map is soggy and you can’t stop hiccuping from overgelatofication, but unbeatable.

Mom, I learned so much with you in Italy. I could never put a price on our colourful, cultureful week.  I know. Your credit card statement can. I’m… sorry about that. When I have a real people job I’ll…

Anyways… Italy lessons!

– When you’ve lived in Paris for three months, colour… and natural plant-life.. together… it’s just too much amazing for one lady to handle. But I did.

– Some hiking signs are absolutely necessary in order for you to find the next village, others are just necessary. Yes that’s a wine glass.

– Cats become less evil when they’re Italian. And named Emilio. There were more than 30 cats that living hotel. Yeah. All named.

– Sometimes, places are so beautiful.. that even if the weatherman says the sun isn’t supposed to shine, it just can’t help itself.

– When you’ve seen 80 million cats, seeing two dogs is way more exciting than it needs to be.

– You don’t have to be with your significant other to make the Via Del Amore worth while. Anyone you love will do just fine.

– When it’s raining in Florence, take refuge inside a museum and take illegal photos of the most famous works of art on the freaking planet, don’t run a marathon.

– Bridges make cities more awesome.

– Umbrellas are worth it, even though they love a good photo-bomb.

– Yes, it is possible to have more churches than people. Rome I’mtalkintoyou

– Yes, it is also possible to have gelato in excess of 3X per day. It helps if you share a deep bond with the individual with whom you are eating said gelato, less judgement is passed.

– Time travel is real.

– Discover a hidden gem together, and you’ll never be able to forget it.  Because you’ll never be able to stop bragging about it. Pretty much at every future meal ever. “Mmm, this is good, but do you remember that time, in Italy, when we found that place..”

– The amazing food in Italy doesn’t stop a one hidden gem.. or 4 pizzas, or 3 plates of fresh pasta. Many a vegetable were eaten upon my return.

– No, it is not possible to see all of Rome’s awesomeness, ever.

– Don’t forget to toss a coin in the Fontana di Trevi, because trust me, you’ll at least want to see the awesomeness more than once.

– Never stop having “firsts”.

I’m so glad that happened. Now I want to make fresh pasta. And fresh pesto. And fresh croissants.  And pizza. And feed it all to my mom. I love you Mom, I wish I could be with you today.

To all of the people reading this who aren’t my mom. Hi. You must take your mom to Italy. That’s right step-mom, we have some unfinished business.






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8 responses to “Long Distance Mother’s Day.

  1. Christine

    So…I checked on skype…not there…then I thought before FB I’ll check the blog – yay!!! What a great recap – we need to do a photo exchange so that all my pictures of you are balanced with all your pictures of me!

    Contrary to the ease at which the glorious food was ingested, processing the trip in my mind and heart continues on and on….I loved our experience and feel so very blessed to have shared my first visit to Europe with you!!! You are THE best tour guide ever – I mean that – no tour would bring you to the best food, the best treats, the best views, the most real experiences and the best companion…I too loved Emilio tho’ I’m not into cats…just can’t be helped. il Borgo di Campi is a great resort in Cinque Terre.

    Thank you my darling daughter for this beautiful blog on the day of Mothers – I love you!!!! I hope all mothers enjoy!!


  2. This is awesome. All of it, pure, distilled, concentrated awesome.

  3. Freya

    “When you’ve lived in Paris for three months, colour… and natural plant-life.. together… it’s just too much amazing for one lady to handle.”

    Good thing your mom was there to handle it with you!

  4. Wow! What beautiful pictures, I can only imagine how amazing the experience must have been. And to share it with your Mom is awesome. So glad I found your blog today, looking forward to seeing more of your travels.


  5. This mother certainly enjoyed! No wonder it’s hard to get to blogging, with all the photo awesomeness you make happen. It’s hard enough just to get the words down, nevermind all the montages. You have such a great eye for composition and interesting details.

    As for the Trevi Fountain, I must say I regretted tossing a coin in. Hubby and I did that. Then we went on to Naples, intending to go on via ferry to Sardinia/Corisca. Sadly, we found out the ferry schedule did not fit our schedule, so we had to travel back up through Rome less than a week after we left it. We didn’t plan to get back to Rome quite *that* soon!

  6. Pearl

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Great times and beautiful pictures to remember them by.

  7. Yvonne Legere

    First time I read this ….lovely. The first pic of your Mom is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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