good n greece-y.

This all happened back in July.

My current view: a deck chair covered in snow.  My view at the time? Aaaaaall of this goodness.

I didn’t realize that this little chunk of my travels was going to be so absolutely necessary until it happened.  You would maybe think I was doing enough nothing.. considering I had been finished school (FOR ALL TIME… for now) for a month and was just takin’ er easy in Paris.  I don’t know. Maybe there’s just no real takin’ er easy in Paris.  Maybe there’s just no takin’ er easy with me. Like in general. Anywho, point was, I was ready to jump on the lazy-train.  Santorini.

There were some backpack-carry-on-size stresses.  Maybe a couple of “wait, what?! you mean I’m still broke like I was last week? how much is that tzatziki again? where can I find internet so that I can frantically email my parents and owe them another bajillion dollars?(but not)” stresses.

In all seriousness, my time was spent putting as few thoughts into my brain as humanly-possible whilst remembering at least to eat.

Pah.  As if that was difficult. Greek food made my life. Tzatziki and Feta for all!

I’m extra serious about the whole doing nothing situation that was happening.  We pooled, and beached, and had the occasional early-afternoon libation, as long as it would not interfere with our non-negotiatiable early bedtime.

I was so sedated by magic land that I temporarily forgot that I hated cats.

Obviously: go to Santorini.

Where should you go after Santorini? Barcelona.  Try your best not to take the 4:45 A.M flight, you know the one following your Hostel’s weekly “BBQ”. I’ll show you Spain next, just you wait.



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3 responses to “good n greece-y.

  1. These photos are sensational! I particularly like the wee gnome next to the mini cairn… i wonder what he’s thinking?

  2. Abby

    “I’ll show you Spain next, just you wait.” … I’ve been patiently waiting to relive Spain 🙂

  3. I was over in Kas, Turkey in August. I loved the Mediterranean it was paradise.

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