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At long last.

“It’s been a while”, I say to myself when something reminds me about blogging.

Most gargantuan understatement of the YEAR.

I guess I realized the hard way, that when life throws you off the horse, it takes like four months to even look at the horse again without whimpering like a child, another two weeks to shamefully amble toward the foul-smelling thing, freaking out and running away every time it makes that weird sound and shows you its creepy horse teeth, then another solid week and a half to lift your sorry arse up n’ over and consider riding it. Ugh *shudder*

Now, I’m finally at that point… where I can think of no freaking reasons (read: excuses) to not blog… and I have a major hankering for some written words.  And food. As if I needed to write that. Food (eventually). I’ma do this.

So, what happened to me for forever?

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