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Penguins in the Yukon

My mother says that my brother is more inclined to outdoor athletics than I was at his age.

I resent that.

My brother is spending his early childhood in Whitehorse, a mecca for outdoor everything.

Most of my early childhood was spent in apartments in Edmonton.  I blame everything imperfect about me as a young adult, on my ever-transitional early childhood.  Who needs responsibility when you can blame your upbringing. I’m sure you’re with me.

I didn’t file my taxes.


I have two unpaid parking tickets.


I spend more time on food blogs than I’ve ever spent doing homework.

Well that one’s a no-brainer. Upbringing. Clearly I was force-fed food blogs in the early nineties. Back… before … DSL..

Anyway, I had no hope of being as sport-inclined at five as M.  I had a late start ok. I jumped on the bandwagon at a ripe old age of seven.  Unfair mom.  Equal opportunity? Yeah whatever.

No, you are wrong. You do not detect a hint of jealousy.  I’m a wildly outdoorsy, competitively athletic young adult, more-so than many my age… just.. not… my 4.75 year old brother apparently.

Brushing it off. He’s just spoiled right? Spoiled with natural inclination? I had to… work harder for it… it’s character building. That’s what it is. Character building.

Regardless of who was a more eager child, we both, currently, love the outdoors.


So we went on a hike with mother. This was after I had already ran 20K with Coralie just FYI, but we aren’t comparing. No. We’re hiking.

We had a particular trail in mind and would be deterred by nothing. Not even the fact that, regardless of most other trails being dry, our chosen path began like this.

Yes, snow. Mathias did not falter. Neither did I.

Clearly basketball shoes were the recommended footwear.

Yes there were pitfalls, or maybe just regular falls. But we help eachother out. (Blurrily)

Maybe we had to help eachother out many times.

Maybe even mother needed help.

Like when she slid 5m down the trail into her not-so-sure-footed son.

Guess which child didn’t fall? Yes that’s right, the one that was never “that naturally inclined toward outdoor sports”. HA.

Now, most of the falling occured on the way down.  The way up to the viewpoint on “Easy Money” involved more flowers.

And jumping.

And demanding that your sister jump exactly where you jumped.

And noticing that your sister goes all-in when you ask her to do things. I’m sorry if I was feeling competitive M. Really, it’s not in my nature.

M also encountered a steep rock face (that required a distinct pointing-at).

And a puddle. It was large.

Can’t go over it

Can’t go under it.

M had basketball shoes, he would not be premitted by his mother to go through it.

Gotta go around it!

And then run ahead while your sister takes a picture of herself in it.

Finally the climactic accomplishment. M reached the top.


He wouldn’t have it any other way. Punishable by uncontrollable yelling and a refusal  of going back down. Fortunately no one decided to challenge his win.

Was it this view he was excited about?

Was it? Huh nature boy? No.

It was penguins. A small ziploc container worth of cheddar penguins.

Of which I recieved, by decree, exactly four.

They were doled out by the penguin controller himself.

He and my mother spent a few minutes lounging on the bench.  They snacked.

They exchanged what appeared to be disgruntled faces.

I apologize for the exposed midrif in the following photo.

And the closed eyes. The whole face really.   It seemed like this photo was needed at the time.

Everything went downhill from there. Ha.. ha. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, much falling ensued.

People disappeared into the snow.

Snow appeared in Brittany’s shoes.

Somehow mud appeared on M’s bum. No one knows how.

We followed our fearless leader downward.

There were occasional distractions.

M introduced himself to some wood.

I introduced myself to some wood.

Finally, after much agony, many roots, and an encounter with mystery feces (perhaps caribou?)…

We returned to greenery…. with wetter pants than we began with.

M refused to run back up the road to get the car. He began running down the road.  It’s ok M, your big sister, the one who’s athletically inclined, will run up the road to get the car.

It was character building.

She was rewarded with all natural, vegan, raw, cashew-based, mint cacao-chip ice cream. You may not be jealous now M, but you will be one day…


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