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Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

I go for long runs on weekends.

I am majorly thankful for these long runs.

I really love food, so I am majorly, majorly thankful for these long runs.

You know who I mostly thank for these long runs?


Nansen drives me out to the park for these long runs. Nansen is NOT a chauffeur. Nansen is just a nice dude. Don’t call him a chauffeur.  He’s not a chauffeur.

You see, you can’t pay a chauffeur in cookies, but you can sometimes pay a Nansen with cookies. If they’re good cookies.

These fit the bill.

They were particularly good as fuel when running to this fire tower.

This is Nansen at the fire tower, no doubt talking about how he wishes he had flannel lined jeans … and about how flannel has become “very advanced” these days. Hell, it’s chilly. I’d wear flannel lined jeans…

Ok, depending on the tight-fittedness of said jeans. I mean come on, tight, flannel-lined girl jeans? Sounds like constrained sweatiness.

Boop. Cookies.

Oh Right, the run.

It was many hours. Like 3 or something. Long.

But super pretty.

And very Nansen-picture-filled. But that’s not a new thing.

Also you have to be really strong to partake in this run. That’s important. (look there’s me!)

These cookies were both the fuel to make me strong and manly and the currency to get my arse into the little silver Ford that drove us out to the hills.

YUM. Make these cookies. They look advanced, like they have secrets.


“Ah,” I said, “You roll the peanut butter filling into a ball and wrap it in chocolate dough.”

Enough said. I used this recipe. Use it too.



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Cho-Coconut Luna Bars

I told you these would happen.

Well, they had to happen.. I made them over a week ago.  Ugh… there are so many pretty photographed things that I’ve made way longer than a week ago that have yet to see the light of “blog”.  I never really know what to do when that happens.

Most of my recipes have anecdotes, meanings, jokes, stories… but when I made the food a month ago… all of those memories that usually cling to things that I make.. fade.

Because I’m sixty. And I can’t remember before October.

Ok not true. I can.  But I’d have to sit on the comfy couch covered with purple blankets for a really long time making a really hard thinking-face that my roommates might mistake for something else and tell me to get off the couch right now.

More proof that I’m sixty.  Also I can’t hear.  It makes for good misinterpretations by me always.  I’d love to share them with you but, duh, I can’t remember them right now.


Right, moral of the story… I think I have to abandon those recipes that didn’t have time to make it to the blog and just move on forward.  The emotional connections… they’re gone.  I’ll make new ones.

These babies are super fresh in my mind. YUM.

I don’t know if you guys have had Luna bars.  They occupy a pretty special place in my heart/mind/thing.

1) I was an athlete kid, sports nutrition bars were exciting and seemed super necessary for me to be a super powerful athlete.

2) Luna bars were made for GIRLS.  Woah, special.

3) Chocolatey-Crispy-Gooey goodness that I got to pretend was a health food.

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